About Us

We are the leading dedicated Occupational and Workplace Health Solutions Company in Nigeria.

We understand that healthy staff are happier and more productive and a healthy workforce reduces sickness. Also , protecting staff from exposure to hazards reduces injury, sickness and potential compensation claims. Our goal is therefore to improve the health, well being and productivity of employees within the workplace.

Medbury provides services to over 200 companies in various industries such as:
Oil and Gas, Food and Beverages, Manufacturing, Construction Telecommunication, Finance, Mining and many more through our Pan Nigerian Operations , vast network of clinics and highly skilled experts .

Our Services cover the entire chain of health in the workplace that ensure employee health is covered from recruitment up on to exit . We do this through 6 touch-points

To bring about positive change in the Nigerian Healthcare Value Chain
High Quality, High Value
‘PPRICE’ which stands for People, Professionalism , Reliability , International Standards, Customer Service , Ethics and Integrity.

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