MedFoods is a bespoke medical solution package designed specifically for the Food and Beverage industry.

Whether you are involved in manufacturing , packaging , transporting or marketing food and beverages, the Medfood package offers a comprehensive range of medical support services that improves your operational efficiency and guarantees the health of your employee.

We leverage on our team of highly qualified and experienced Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene and Dive Medicine Specialists supported by a robust innovation in Information technology to provide a food and beverage industry.

Our clients are both international and indigenous manufacturing , packaging , transporting or marketing food and beverages companies who enjoy our world class, professional medicals solution enabling our clients focus on Core aspects of their business knowing that the Medfood package delivers on its promise of managing all health concerns within the Industry.

Our package comprises of Occupational health, Industrial hygiene, Emergency Response, Supply Chain and Dive medicine solutions. Medoffshore provides a “one stop “solution to all your healthcare needs.

The Six Pillars of our MEDFOOD Package is as follows:

Medfit: Medical Fitness and Health Surveillance Programs

Our Medical Fitness program leads within the industry.

From the point of recruitment, project mobilization and at periodic intervals, we evaluate your staff to ensure they are fit to perform their job roles!

We are the leading provider of Medical Fitness Certifications and Health Surveillance industry wide

– Food Handler is tested (in line with NAFDAC guidelines)

– Nationwide Pre- employment Screening
– Audiometry Screening
– Spirometry Testing
– Work at Height Medicals
– Sighters Test
– Respiratory Fit Testing
– Annual Medical Screening
– Travel Medical Screenings

We run these Medical Fitness Tests through our vast network of LIFECHECK centres and partners located across all geopolitical zones in Nigeria

MedAdvisory: Medical Advisory and Consultancy Services

We provide Top side Consultancy, Document creation and review services.
Our Medical advisory service include the following:

– Set up and Review of Health policies and guidelines e.g. Drug and Alcohol Policy
– Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Compliance Program (MCCP) for expatriates
– Facilitate Third party hospital / HMO engagement
– Employee Assistance Programs
– Health Promotion Programs

As we understand that developing policies and guidelines is only the first step, we will take a multiple stakeholder approach to ensure inclusiveness and buy- in hence improving the rates of successful implementation.

From our experience a phased approach to implementation is usually required to achieve utmost compliance, we work with our clients to develop an actionable implementation plan which will ensure that these policies don’t just “sit on a shelf “but are implemented organization wide.

Medclinics: Medic Staffing and On Site Clinic Management Solution

Medclincis provides an end – end management of work site and factory clinics, having vast experience in this field.

With a chain of clinics and partners across Nigeria we provide the best service through our thorough recruitment process of medical personnel, continuous education and training, clinical governance, facility management, periodic clinic audits and Information management using our Electronic Medical Records System.

Medclinics comprises of the following :

 Med Recruit : Doctors , Nurses and Paramedics

 Top Side Support

 Electronic Medical Records and Data Management Solutions
 Network of worksites
 Clinic Setup and Management

MedRescue: Emergency Response Planning and Medical Evacuation Services

Medrescue is a Medical emergency response solution designed to respond to Medical Emergencies in a timely and effective manner preventing loss of lives

We provide an initial medical emergency response Risk assessment to ascertain existing medical provisions, identify the gaps, investigate emergency options and develop a Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP). We also offer training to relevant personnel on the MERP.

Medrescue provides:

– Stand by Basic and Acute Life Support Ambulances
– Basic Life Support, First AED and Emergency Response Training
– Medical Emergency Evacuation Planning and Facilitation
– Facilitation of International Medical Evacuation

We operate by having a vast network of partner Ambulance Companies, Intensive Care Units and Stabilization Centres across Nigeria all coordinated through our 24 hour Call Centres and On call Medics.

Our centre and partner Referral Hospitals are world class with international

affiliates in South Africa, United States Of America and the United Kingdom

MedSupplies: Supply of Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals

Medsupplies is a Supply Chain Management solution specialized in Procurement and Supply of Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals ass required.


We provide a vast range of medical products in required quantities in a timely manner because we understand how important this is in smooth running of clinic operations. Our products ranges include

  • Drug and Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Medical Equipment Supply
  • Medical consumables
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Infection control kits
  • Emergency equipment and First Aid kits
  • Medical Devices

We collaborate directly with manufacturers of the products we supply using our flexible and robust supply chain logistics system to provide you with high quality, affordable medical products whenever and wherever you need it.

MedHygeine: Industrial Hygiene Services

MedHygeine provides Industrial Hygiene services that help to monitor and control environmental impacts of production on the Health of your staff.

We have an extensive service, which covers various aspects of Industrial Hygiene and Health Impact Assessments such as

    • Ergonomic Assessments ;
    • Environmental Impact Assessments
    • Noise Mapping
    • Indoor Air Quality Surveys
    • COSHH Air Monitoring
    • Hand Arm and Body Vibration Exposure
    • Illumination/Lighting Assessment
    • Heat Stress Assessment

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