We provide Top side Consultancy, Document creation and review services from the point of project mobilization to project execution.

Our Medical advisory service include the following:

– Set up and Review of Health policies and guidelines e.g. Drug and Alcohol Policy
– Audit Readiness ; Vessel / site Clinic Audits
– Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Compliance Program (MCCP)
– Facilitate Third party hospital / HMO engagement
– Employee Assistance Programs
– Health Education and Promotion

As we understand that developing policies and guidelines is only the first step, we will take a multiple stakeholder approach to ensure inclusiveness and buy- in hence improving the rates of successful implementation.

From our experience a phased approach to implementation is usually required to achieve utmost compliance, we work with our clients to develop an actionable implementation plan which will ensure that these policies don’t just “sit on a shelf “but are implemented organization wide.